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yd012 GOVERNMENT FLU "Demo 2008" 7"EP
Government Flu is quite a new band on the Polish scene. Gov't Flu recorded their demo tape very quickly, shortly after that - they played their debut live show (at Warsaw squat, December 2008). Since then the band has played some gigs (both in Poland and abroad) and has recorded material for "Fuck poetics" EP. Music refers straight to 80's hardcore tradition - fast and short songs with lyrics dealing with annoying aspects of surrounding reality, but played with a modern feeling and without the needless, so popular nowadays, rock'n'roll influences.

"Demo 2008" is a vinyl version of the demo tape. The 7" was released in cooperation between Yama Dori, Scream Rec., Ingen Kontroll, NNNW, Refuse Rec. and Government Flu Rec. All records (500 copies) were pressed on yellow wax. 200 copies include additional limited cover done with a stencil.


released July 8, 2009



Track Name: Intro + My way
Always set conditions
and want me to obey
You don’t like what i do
You would do things this way
You’re not my fuckin’ friend
To give me such an advice
No! You fuckin’ looser
It’s time we did it my way!
You invite me to your game
With limits all over the place
Show me the line i have to toe
And wipe it with my fuckin’ face!
Track Name: No life
See you in the crowd
Don’t know what’s your name
I’ve seen you once or twice
You know me and my friends
Suffer from boredom that what is called
Your mouth stinks so much
Shit! Shit! Shittalk!

No life!

Feel so fuckin’ good
Making up another story
Just to fuckin’ talk
To keep the dialogue going
It pours out from your mouth
But never means a thing
Cause everything you say
Is just a fuckin’ piece of shit!

No life of your own - invent one!
Track Name: No
It’s not a fuckin’ game
It’s not an one night show
You put your filthy hands on her
While she still says you no!

No! You piece of shit!

Guys like you say you’re cool
Cause you had so many girls
But she’s not some fuckin’ tool
To improve your ‘coolness’ scale

No! You piece of shit!

You can’t see a fuckin’ problem
Cause you’re a man and she’s a girl
And once you heard that one guy said
When girls say ‘no’ they still think 'yes'!
Track Name: Shut your mouth
You keep talking all the time!!! Shut your mouth!
Track Name: I know - you know
Fuckin’ bored with silly games
I’m so fed up with everything you say
Just cut this crap, just give a break!!!
Just call it by its fuckin’ first name!

I know! You know!
I know! You know! It’s just a game!
I know! You know!
I know! You know! It’s just a game!

Why the fuck won’t you just say
You don’t give a shit any fuckin’ way
You keep promising better days
Do you think I’m fuckin lame???

I know! You know!
I know you know! It’s just a game!
I know! You know!
We don’t believe a word you say!

Fuck you and your silly games!
Go pull the strings somewhere else!
Just get the fuck out of my face!
I’m loosing my mind, I’m going insane!
Track Name: What's that smell?
You say I should vote for you
You say we gonna make a change
And nothing ever changes man
Cause it’s all about your fuckin’ wage

All those posters
With your smiling face
Saying born to lead
Well, I’m born against!

All this hidden bullshit
That you throw in my face
Wrap it up in this campaign posters
It stinks of shit so take it away!

What’s that smell?
Track Name: Blackmail
Like a fuckin’ wolf out of step
I don’t go for crumbs
I wanna take as much as I can
Leave no hope and steal all light
There’s no time to shit-talk
Cause it’s just the time to act
It’s a fuckin’ blackmail man
Time to take my own back
You say that scars tell stories
And now I know all of them
Fuck all the good memories
that are to just to comfort me!
Track Name: Government flu
Tired and sick
Bored and week
Wasted and done
Pissed off all the time
Diseased and i’m through
When I look at you
Throw up at your lies
Want you to die!!!

I’ve got a flu! Government flu!

Want you to die!
Throw up at your lies!
When I look at you
Diseased and I’m through
Pissed off all the time
Wasted and done
Bored and weak
Tired and so fuckin’ sick!

I’ve got a flu! Government flu!

I’m so fuckin’ sick! Government flu!
I’m so fuckin’ weak! Government flu!
I’m so fuckin’ through Government flu!

There’s no cure for… Government flu!