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yd016 GOVERNMENT FLU "Holes" 7"EP
Government Flu, just after their next European tour, attack with the new 7inch. You may find new songs a bit slower than the previous ones but a few times more brutal. We are still talking about raw 80s hardcore which is also fully aware of what is going on in Boston right now. "Holes" includes two brand new songs and a cover of Abaddon "Walcz o siebie".


released September 15, 2012



Track Name: Shadows
It always takes me too much time
To get to know who is who
Because I can’t remember faces well
Just what’s written in their tattoos
And it turns out in the fuckin' end
That all the brothers from the hood
Are just like fuckin’ shadows man
Attached to the backs of very few
Who speak their minds to make a change
Not to drown in shit again
Killing comfort zone? That’s strange...
Fuckin’ weirdos - that’s the best name...
So next time before you say a thing
Just take a look on the walls
If you can see some shadows figures
Just forget it... You are gone
Track Name: Holes
I got the lyrics for this song
From an old man with black lungs
He just wanted me to promise
We will load it in the guns
I could see him from the inside
And I knew that he was dead
He sat closer and I noticed
All the holes in his old head
And these holes were very telling
It was written in his eyes
All the wounds that he has taken
Were from the barrel from his mouth
Every time I sing the song
I remember that strange night
When I aimed at his forehead
With the barrel of this rhyme...